Old is Gold Indian Tamil film actor M R Radha Biography and Photos

M. R. Radha, a Tamilian by birth, is an Indian Tamil actor. He was given the title of Nadigavel for his acting prowess. After a successful career in stage in his early years he acted in films from the 1930s to the 1970s and later he went back to his first love, theatre giving up films. He is known to have had relationships with multiple women simultaneously and children with them. More popular children of him include actors M R R Vasu and Radha Ravi. While popular actress, Radhika Sarathkumar was born from his forth wife of Sri lankan origin.

He gained popularity with the success of his stageplay Rattha Kanneer. When it was adapted for film, Radha became an important figure in Indian Cinema. He very quickly became a box-office attraction on his own, gaining star-status.After seeing his versatility and his performancein Ratha kanner actor Raj kapoor hailed when it comes to versatility and projection of character role MR radha is class apart from other actors. The first superstar of bollywood Rajesh Khanna told there is no such actor in Bollywood to match his performance. DevAnand another legend in bollywood hailed this performance and versatility of MR Radha which only Sivaji could match. Telgu legend NTR said if Tollywood would have add one MRRadha,a Nagesh,a MN Nambiar and Manorama it would have added another new dimension to Telgu Cinema. This Ratha kanner is also remade by modern day generation stars like Upendra from Kannada. Ratha kanner also made MR radha to get international recognition and award in which MR radha became the second Tamil actor to get international recognition after Sivaji. His acting style was versatile and through his career portrayed roles spanning villain and comedy.

Radha was an active member of the Dravidian movement, and was known for his rabid atheist views. In his movies, he primarily played villain characters with belief in Hinduism which was aimed at portraying Hinduism in bad light. He mixed satirical comedy with those vily characters which made his roles likeable rather than being perceived as anti-Hindu.

After the 1950’s he acted in most of the Tamil movies released.[citation needed] Film-makers created roles especially for him and often stole the limelight from other performer on screen. Sivaji Ganesan (Tamil Actor) had often referred to M. R. Radha and Mr.Balaiah as two actors whom he always held in very high esteem and whose talents he could not probably match. Mohanlal regards him as the best actor in Indian Cinema.[citation needed] Incidentally, Sivaji Ganesan had earlier refused to do lead role in Rattha Kanneer when it was made into a film, mentioning that he was not capable of doing that role and only M.R. Radha could do it justice as it required phenomenal amounts of talent.